Best long gun safe for the money-All budgets

In today’s economy everybody’s wallet is stretched. We do our best to save and budget for things we need and hope there’s enough left over for our hobbies and things we really enjoy doing.

So let’s say you’ve sat down and evaluated how big your future safe needs to be. Then you took a hard look at your budget, and decided on a certain price point for your future safe. You want to know what the best possible gun safe you can buy is for the money you’ve saved – what’s the best way to go about that?

Well, the first thing to consider is a used gun safe. No matter your price point, a quality used gun safe that’s in good condition is always going to be cheaper than a brand new safe. Folks have had good luck finding used safes locally on Craigslist and on eBay. Craigslist is going to be the cheapest option because you won’t have to pay to ship it across the country – however, it is more of a hassle because you have to arrange for a moving crew (be it your own family and friends or a professional crew) to get it to your house.

All the gun safes listed below are available to buy online, and they are shipped to your door, so all costs listed include shipping.

Here we are talking about safes that are only useful to frustrate a undesired person or thief for few minutes which is to say that if you want something imported(Mostly china) with not much in security but just keeping your rifles locked from children etc.You can look into this list of in various price ranges.These are for multiple gun storage.

Under $2000

Best safe in this price range is from champion or superior safes,both by same company.Below are its top models.

Other brands you can get in this price range are

Superior- Regal Superior- Iron side Champion- Model T Champion-MEDALIST
Body steel 11 gauge 12 gauge 12 gauge 12 gauge
Door Composite 3/16″ 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge Composite 10 gauge 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge Composite 12-Gauge Outer 14-Gauge Inner 7/16″ Reinforced Composite 11-Gauge Outer 14-Gauge Inner 1/2″ Reinforced Door Edge
Fire rating 1500°F 75-M 1350°F 60-M 1350°F 60-M 1400° 60-M
Burglar rating UL-RSC UL-RSC UL-RSC UL-RSC
Price $1,899.00 – $4,349.00 $1,399.00 – $2,849.00 $1,199.00 – $1,249.00 $1,399.00 – $2,849.00

Snap Safe Titan Modular Fireproof Gun Safe Digital Lock:

Snap safe has a unique line of gun safes called the Titan series gun safes and they are modular design safes.It can be assembled or dissembled at your will.Important impressive features of this safe are.

Modular design makes it easy to transport.

9 gauge steel on body and 7 gauge (3/16″) on Solid steel door,which is far better than the other Companies with economic type models.

2300°F 1 hr fire protection (Independent rating) and fire seal.

UL listed mechanical or Digital lock option.

Life time warranty.

Varying Size 59″ Height ,22 to 46 ” wide and and 17 ” to 30 ” depth.

They come in from $1150 to $2500.Smallest has 12 long gun capacity.

Why this safe is a good value:

The most obvious reason this safe is a good value is because it’s modular. While this isn’t reflected in the initial upfront cost to buy the safe, it’s actually a long term savings. Moving a large, heavy gun safe is no small matter, and moving companies can charge a hefty sum to move your safe from one place to another. The ability to tear this safe down yourself and move it piece by piece can save you quite a bit of money if you ever decide to move. It’s also ideal for anyone in an apartment setting not only because it is more readily transported than a traditional gun safe when it’s time to move but also because it can be installed in a closet with a bit of space.Second, it features thicker steel walls than most other gun safes on the market. It’s rated as a residential security container by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Also, the fire rating for the Snap Safe Super Titan is far above that of other safes at this price point.


This safe is a steal and usually runs at $1,500 to $1,700 with shipping. Keep in mind that if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, you may also need to include the cost of hiring a handyman to put it together for you.

Click here for more information price rating for available models of titan modular on amazon

Winchester Silverado series  Electronic:

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-10 gauge


Winchester was the first company to get a RSC rating for its safe’s brand .

While these safes are not not as strong as the above there are few key specs that you can take into account.

Four way bolt work,External Three spoke handle.UL Listed type 2 lock and also an auxiliary reloker .Drill resistant hard plate with titanium small nose just below the lock.Door jamb has reinforce steel and door has anti pry tabs and heat expandable Palusol seal with 2 hr@1400°F rating( For only relative comparison See Protection from fires.).It also a Life time warranty on defects in material and damage from burglary and fire and two years warranty on Lock.

Click here for more detail ,price reviews and ratings on amazon

or buy from gun

Steel water Heavy duty(HD) series

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Solid steel 1/4 “

Steel thickness-9 gauge

These series safe are good because for their price.You will get far better steel quality and thickness and construction features.The 39 gun capacity which we believe is optimum size for most gun owners can be bought for around $1900 dollars and offer much more security than other companies in this range.Key Specs of this safes are 1/4″ solid steel Door construction and 9 gauge body.Though it boast a 2hr@ 1875°F fire rating it is still relative.There are 4 1/2″ diameter anchor holes at bottom.Four holes are better features than two hole construction if you want to bolt it more securely on floor.Other features include UL listed lock and Expandable door seal.The LD and economy series safe have 12 gauge steel and composite type door so we do not recommend them.Warranty on them is One year on manufacturing defects and 90 days on electronic components,while life time on burglary and fire.

Click here for more detail ,price reviews and ratings

Liberty revere and 1776 safe

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-11 gauge

Liberty is a company that advertise its safe quite more heavily than it is made.Although the safe quality are not not bad they cannot be compared to a true safe except the presidential series safes.While there are many models of safe that they manufacture,they mainly differ in in the fire ratings and size and not much is the burglary rating or secondary features like fire sealing and lock and relocking mechanism.Based on that,we think the Liberty revere and1776 series fits the best option for the price of $1289.It is a UL listed safe with Body steel thickness 11 Gauge and a composite door weight around 550 lbs,Fire rating of 40min @1200°F,Door seal and 2 relockers (internal and external) with EZ glide bolt protector system.

Other model of liberty are as below.Note the difference in price with Fortknox’s starting model maverick.

Liberty-Colonial Liberty-Franklin Fortknox-Maverick
Body 11 gauge 11 gauge 11 gauge
Door Composite 11 gauge Composite 11 gauge Door edge thickness 3/8″.Special four fold door. First there is a thick steel (1/4 “)base over which is a thick fire board and all that covered by a 10 gauge steel.
Burglar rating UL-RSC UL-RSC UL-RSC
Fire rating 1220 °F 60-M 1200 °F 75-M 1200 °F 75-M
Price $1,649 -$2,349 $1799-$2799 Starting at $1449

Mesa safe

The Mesa Safe Company  MBF6032E series is our choice for a safe under $2000.

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge body and 7 gauge door.

Why this safe is a good value:

The following features set the MBF6032Eapart from other options at this price:

  • Steel thickness-The safe has impressive thickness of steel specially in the body(7 gauge) and also on the body which is 12 gauge
  • It is made in america.
  • It has a life time warranty .
  • Weight – It weight in at over 600 pounds, which means that it would not be easy to tip over and pry open if it is bolted down properly.
  • Removable door-It has removable door to lift it or higher stories of your building.
  • Hard anti drill plate and re lockers.
  • Fire Rating – It has a fire rating of 1 hour up to 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can typically find this safe for $1,500.

Click here for more detail ,price,reviews and ratings

Under $1000

One good safe for your gun is the Second Amendment safe by Blue Dot Safes.

RSC rated-NO

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

This safe is of acceptable quality for the price.It is rated fire resistant to 1700 degrees .A 5/16″ thick  drill-resistant Plate behind lock for drill attacks and one year free warranty.This safe also has a large amount of space and is large enough to hold 30 rifles, 8 holsters, and 5 ammo pouches. The interior is 55.18×32.25×20 inches and there are four shelves inside for storing firearms and ammunition. Also, the lock system uses 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts and a two way locking system..It weighs around 650 pounds.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Good Customer Service


  • Does not come with a backup key
  • Elecronic lock-but they offer installation of a mechanical lock if it’s requested when the safe is purchased

Click here for more detail ,price,reviews and ratings

American security

RSC rated-NO

Door Type-Solid steel 3/16″

Body thickness-14 gauge

Another safe that also offers free shipping is the Amsec TF5517 Gun Safe 30 Miutes Fire. This safe has a 3/16″ solid steel plate door 3 wheel combination lock, 14 gauge body, and a sizable interior capacity of 16x17x55.2 inches and a life time warranty against theft and fire.A four way bot mechanism and cdoj burglar rating.. This safe has a fire rating for  upto 1200 degrees for  30 minutes from mercury and claim to maintain an internal temperature around 350°F. It weighs 286 pounds, which is relatively lightweight for a large safe such as this. Many reviewers seemed to think well of this safe, that it was of high quality, etc. However, there were a few negative reviews, some of whom said that it arrived damaged and also that it is not American made.

e a removable shelf and a 2 tray organizer and lights inside the safe. It’s interior is carpeted and it uses an electronic  or combination locks with a drill resistant plate behind the lock.Reviewers say that the set are good safes of decent quality. However, some complain that the design is not as it is shown and one reviewer complained of a chemical smell inside. Also, they are not fire rated, so if there is a fire the contents will not be protected.

If you are interested in this safe, you can find it for 800 dollars with free shipping.

For more information price rating and reviews click here

Under $500

Buying a gun safe in near or under dollar 500 range can keep gun locked but will not do much in case of a break in or fire.Our verdict-dont buy a safe that cheap.For the gun owner with only a few rifles or shotguns and no plans to buy any more in the near future there are gun safes that accommodate three to four long guns.These slim safes are a much cheaper alternative to buying a larger safe for your hunting rifle and shotgun.

One such is the BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe.Other good safe for the same purpose is Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center.

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